Patient Interviews

Mr.Bagher Nikroo

Mr.Bagher Nikroo

Name & Family Name: Bagher Nikroo ( Dan 4 KungFu & Dan2 Top KungFu)

I had been enquiring for 6 months regarding Dr.Mojtahedi's herbal medicines.

Age: 44       

Profession: Computer Technician     

Marital Status: Married      

No. of children: 1

Starting weight: 142 kgs                  

Final weight:95 kgs             

Total weight loss:47 kgs

Health Hazards of obesity in me :

1.Blood Pressure : 19mmHg       

2. Breathing Problems       

3.High Cholestrol levels Hyperlipidaemia

Q: Please tell us about how Obesity runs in your Family & since exactly what age you have been putting on weight ?

A: My birth weight was 5.5 kgs. Obesity runs in all my family members. From the age of 14 I started putting on weight. When I joined the military service I was 113 kgs and had a lot of problems finding my size in clothing. I always felt that everybody is staring at me in the street.

Q: Why did you decide to lose weight? Had excess weight caused any health problems for you?And did losing weight eliminate and cure those problems ?

A: A great number of problems like high blood pressure, high lipid profile levels, breathing problems, physical disabilities in my arms and legs while walking or at any time of physical activity was a drawback due to my excess weight ; While sleeping because of my Obesity and breathing problems I couldn't get enough rest. Lastly while climbing stairs I had difficulty breathing ( I was short of breath)

Q: Who introduced you to Dr.Mojtahedi? And why did you find her Herbal Medicine reliable ?

A: One of my old neighbours whom I have known for about 50 years  acquainted me with Dr.Mojtahedi. Later I visited many websites and did a lot of searching and scientific investigations into her formulated capsule & powder for weight loss regarding its being licensed and conformatoin by medical authorities ; I also looked into her record and press coverage in India and took a sneak peak into her digrees in many medical & alternative medical fields ; all this search in the internet and other places took about 6 months. Even after consulting her; when I took her Herbal Medicines ( her own formulation and invention) I sent the medicines to a laboratory to analyse for it being safe hence assure myself of the safety of the medicines I am taking. I even took a blood test after 5 months of starting her treatment to put an end to my scruple; and the test results read that I am absolutly Healthy.

Q: Before consulting Dr.Mojtahedi did you previously try to lose weight ?

A: I was on fat burners that was used in the body building gym, which had deleterious effects on my stomach and digestive system, not to mention that my weight increased even more ! I tried each and every place that claimed to help lose weight ; and all slimming centers and all slimming means. I had been exercising for 14 years ; and incured an injury in my waist area ; at the time I was about 100 kgs ; but after the injury I was compelled not to exercise and hence put on weight every day; ultimately in about 4 years I reached 120 kgs.

                           WITH DR.MOJTAHEDI'S HERBAL MEDICINES I LOST 45 KGS.

Q: Where there any moments in the course of your treatment that would showcase your determination and dedication ?

A: I would attend each and every party , luncheons etc. were they served a number of lavish and mouthwatering food , yet I would ONLY stick to my doctors recommended diets ; and not get tempted.

Q: Who all encouraged you in due course of your weight loss treatment? and who discouraged you ?

A: Everyone would encourage my in the course of my treatment especially my mother and my wife. where ever we went they would call me and my wife "fat & thin". During my diet programme where I was under Dr.Mojtahedi's supervised treatment my weight loss was making me joyful and triumphant by the day ; I felt 12 to 15 years younger and as my wedding day was approaching I can't begin to express how immensly happy I was.

Q: What is the most important factor rather specific speciality that is the key to the success of Dr.Mojtahedi's treatment ?

A: The doctor's orders were low-salt & very low-fat diets and certian candies (sugar-free) which were sweetened with Isomalt ; that we could comsume whenever there was an urge for sweets. But the best of all was the doctor's attitude and exhilarating positive spirit that was the most effective driving force in the success of her treatment for weight loss.

Q: Did you have a tough time following the diet and is it true to say that stressful and sometimes turns one into a nervous wreck ?

A: The first 4 days were very difficult for me; because many of my favorite food items did not exist in the diet. On the 5th day when I stood on the weighing machine to check my weight I had lost 5.5 kgs ; it was inspiring and a promising momentfor me. The doctor changed my diet which was quite difficult; but nevertheless I adjusted myself with the programme because I wanted to lose weight seriously. The week on which I had "The soup diet" seemed boring but once I saw the result I was eager the complete the diet to the "T".

Q: How would you describe the period of your treatment ?

A: The duration of my treatment lasted for 10 months. When I started the treatment my blood pressure was 19mnHg and at the end of the treatment it had become 12mnHg.

During my first visit to the doctor, she took a deep breath and with a harsh serious attitude asked me to stand on the weighing machine, she then added : "During the period of your treatment you have to do exactly as I tell you and take the medicine according to the dosage prescribed by me , I expect to see you after 4 days and dont make a habit of weighing yourself every day".

Lastly the doctor said : " If you do exactly what I tell you regarding your diet and herbal medicines. I guarantee you'll lose 4-5kgs a month". At the starting point of her treatment I was 142kgs and at the end I was 95kgs.

Q: how do you feel after losing 45 kgs ?

A: I feel much younger and energetic. 1. All my digestive problems have been alleviated. 2. I  had been suffering from "piles" which was totally cured during my treatment ; 3. The acne on my body parts had been considerably reduced ; 4. My blood pressure had become normal , I used to take daily dose of Atenalol Tab. (100mg) which I completely stoppped taking ; 5. and last but not the least my Palpatations and Tachycadia were cosiderably reduced.

Q: What is the most important final message that you would like to share with the "obese and overweight people" ?

A: Nowadays the people I see who are of my previous weight and fat like I used to be , I tell them about Dr.Mojtahedi and the miracle of her weight loss medicines and that "once uopn a time i was like you".