Patient Interviews

Miss Sanaz Purjalal

Miss Sanaz Purjalal

Profession: Electrical Engineer

Starting weight: 95 kgs

Final weight: 71.8 kgs

Total weight loss: 23.2 kgs

Duration of Treatment: 4.5 months

Q: Please tell us about your first consulting session with Dr.Mojtahedi ?

A: The first consultation was with despair & absolute hopelessness , I had given up hope about the slightest chance of reaching any favourable result from this simple method offered by Dr.Mojtahedi ; because after going through numerous methods , different surgical procedures with specialists & gastric banding , I felt least motivated to persue my weight loss programme further.

During my first consultation with Dr.Mojtahedi she asked me a straight forward question : " Do you want to lose weight or not ?" I replied " I have gone through so many different methods to lose weight , I will try yours also".  I was totally hopeless and had decided to try out her method as the last & final resort of weight loss.

Q: You had earlier mentioned about undergoing numerous methods for slimming , please share with us regarding some of these procedures.

A: Yes , very well. There is not a single existing method for weight loss that I haven't tried. I have consulted the most famous doctors of Mashhad for weight loss & undergone their treatment for as long as they had prescribed ; but unfortunately it gave opposite results on me. Some doctors would resort to rude mannerisms with me hoping to make me more determined to follow their diet charts whereas I was extremely strict beyond their imagination. My body didn't have the capacity to lose weight. The doctors food regimns had to do with eating less & I was already consuming very little food ; my obestiy was not due to overeating.

I was a small eater & had a tiny appetite ; the doctors would give me low calorie diet charts which did not work for me and would not benefit me in any way. When my father passed away, in span of 40 days I put on 12 kgs of weight ; this was due to the shock I had been through because of his demise.

I will enumerate some of the procedures that i have undergone for weight loss and hope sharing it will be a useful for  others.

SPINNING EXERCISE: I was doing this regularly for a long time as per my doctors orders. This exercise was originally designed for professional cyclists in accordance with the laborious tasks that they had to perform in the mountains while cycling and taking rounds , which enabled them to get physically in gear & have the strength for the long hours they had to spend in theses mountains.

Spinning exercise is good for consuming calories & strengthening the muscles. These classes conducted in gyms with the just right amount of light & music creating an energetic environment. The coach is there to guide the participants in every stage , right from the time of warm up , running , elevating & cooling down.

Spinning is a new generation exercise and one of the latest in the world. The athletes participate in groups for performing it & ususally it takes between 30 to 75 minutes to complete each round. It's a beneficial for keeping your cardiovascular system healthy and is also helpful in spot reduction of fat. I was regularly doing the exercise for 5 months every other day plus 20 mins on the treadmill & 20 mins of Aerobics.

BRISK WALKING: For 9 months I was taking brisk walks for one hour daily.

TREADMILL: For 1.5 years I was on strict diets doing regular treadmill exercise.

SWEAT ABSORBING PADS: I used of these pads for a long period of time yet with absolutely no result.

SLIM FAST POWDER: When I was in school , I used this food supplement with milk for a very long period of time.

SLIMMING PLASTERS: Use of these adhesive plasters which I has purchased from Dubai and was that was extensively advertised on dish T.V. was nothing but utter disappointment.

LPG: According to the medical advise of a certain other doctor , I used this apparatus for 20 sessions. Many people had achieved great results by this means ; but again , unfortunately none for me. ( I used the LPG machine for 45 mins every time and immediately 20 mins on the treadmill , all in vain.)

SPORTS SPECIALIST : This doctor had put me on an exhausting programme. I exercised for 2.5 hours daily. I was doing 600 biceps with dumb-bells ; it was annoyingly tiring , plus I had to exercise on the treadmill thrice a week.

SLIMMING TABLETS: I also used a couple of famous conventional medicines everyday for a couple of months , namely "Ridactil Tab." & "Venostat Tab." and lost only 4 kgs.

WATER THERAPY: I completed a course of this therapy and consumed "only water" but with only detrimental results.

POMEGRANATE & ORANGE DIET : A doctor gave me a horrific diet : In the month of Ramadan one pomegranate for Sahar (dawn) and two oranges for Iftar (dusk) - that was it for 24 hours. After many days , salad & 2 pieces of chicken (size of a match box) was added to my diet. I continued the same for 2 whole YEARS. When I had first consulted this doctor , I was 85 kgs & after 2 years I reached 73 kgs of weight. After doing this immensly difficult diet for such a long period I went on Water Therapy for 20 days , where I just consumed plain water. My body went into fatigue and I became extremely weak. I didn't have the strength to stand while praying.

Unfortunately this period coincided with my father's demise and the shock of his death put me back in square one , wherein I gained back all the weight that I had lost by torchering myself horrendously for more than 2 years.

MUSIC THERAPY: Yet another doctor I consulted made me imagine the ideal slim & trim figure that I longed for , through music therapy. At first I lost some weight but gained it all back with some excess kilos.

STOMACH BANDING: This surgical procedure was carried out for me by one of the most famous specialists in Mashhad. I was 97 kgs at the time. The doctor gave me a lot of hope that i would definately lose all my excess weight if I had stomach banding done. I didn't really get my hopes up as I already had a small appetite and ate very less food in any case.

I used to gain weight without eating in excess , but since I had gone through every method in the book for losing weight , I wanted to try this out also. For 4 years I used to adjust the stomach band by local painful injections. Sometimes I used to vomit repeatedly and had to readjust (loosen) the diameter of the stomach band ; which I was told would eventually lead to cancer.

I tolerated an extreme amount of pain in the process of stomach banding and its side effects that is , extensive infection & adhesion of the bands ; which were indescribably tiresome. Because of all this pain I was compelled to go through yet another surgery to remove the bands. During all this time ( 4 years) I had only lost 6 kgs. This surgical procedure was a total mistake from the beginning because it was meant for heavy eaters and I was a small eater. When this procedure failed , my surgeon suggested "Bypass Surgery" that I didn't go through with , in fear of failing yet once again.

JAW WIRING: It was a tremendously annoying and horrible procedure. I consulted a Maxillofacial surgeon and got my upper and lower jaws wired. Every now and then the tightened wires would become loose in which case I would go to the surgeon and get them adjusted. During this period I consumed food with a straw and the worst thing was that I was unable to speak. I had a very tough time with this method.

NUTRITIONAL EXPERT : For about 6 months under the supervision of a nutritional expert with absolutely no result worth mentioning.

RAW VEGETERIAN DIET : For a small duration of time according to the advise of some friends I followed a Canadian diet which was known as "Raw Vegeterian Diet". In this diet I would just eat 1 apple a day and that was it.

To cut the long story short , I would try out each & every existing method for weight loss that I came to know of , at any cost. Some doctors would ask me for medical investigations such as Thyroid Profile , which always turned out to be within the normal range ; I did a full physical check up also that was absolutely normal.

Q: Please tell us about the process of your treatment with Dr.Mojtahedi.

A: In the year 2013 when I first consulted her , my weight was 96 kgs. Going to her was the Final Station for me. During the session I shared my painful stories and how much I had suffered in the path to lose weight ; I also told her what all methods I had experienced and how disappointed I was that NOT ONLY a single one turned out successful in making me reach the goal of becoming slim but also never came close to it. I added that I had gone to her in a state of absolute despair and total hopelessness.

The Doctor said : "My herbal medicines have given a positive response and 100 percent effectiveness in weight loss , in each & every patient whom I have treated and NOT a single failed case , by the grace of Almighty was reported in my medical career". Nevertheless  she left it up to me to decide whether or not to try out her medicines as a last resort. She added :   " I consider you a special case which requires vigilant , unique supervision for treatment".

I found her medical & professional attitude very reassuring and started her treatment. Just after the first week was over I had lost about 4 kgs of weight , much more than the doctor had promissed. I was thrilled and overjoyed that in such a short period of time I had lost so much weight. In a span of 3.5 months , from 96 kgs I reached a weight of 71.8 kgs. I was on cloud 9.

Before the conclution of the interview Miss Sanaz Purjalal ( thanks Dr.Mojtahedi for pateince , medical experties and perseverancein helping her to shed weight without any side effects , with the help of her very own formulated Herbal Medicinal Supplements. "Better Late than Never".

The brand new slim & Trim Sanaz Purjalal has notified the readers regarding her contact number on this page and all are at liberty to call her incase they have any further queries about her final successful treatment & weight loss.

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