Rapid Plan for Slimming

Start the day with a certain fruit and eat as much of that fruit as you want.

Wait at least for an hour before switching to a new fruit.

Wait for at least 2 or 3 hours before switching to a non-fruit meal.

Once you have completed the rapid weight loss plan , the diet continues with :

A long-term programme of food combining either :

• high protein / no carbohydrate meals or

• high carbohydrate / no protein meals.

Variant Mono-Meal Diet

The Fat-Burning Soup

This is a 1 week diet , wherein you lose 7 - 10 pounds while eating as much as you want.

The central food in this diet is a homemade vegetable soup , which can be prepared in bulk and frozen or refrigerated.

The diet is ' user-friendly ' and is very successful in helping shed excess weight in a short span of time.

Week Long Menu Plan

All foods are ' eat all you want ' , unless otherwise stated :

Day 1 : soup

Day 2 : soup and fruits ( preferably citrus fruits )

Day 3 : soup and raw or steam cooked vegetables

Day 4 : soup and vegetables and fruits

Day 5 : soup and skimmed milk ( 2 glasses ) , 1 -2 bananas can be eaten if hungry

Day 6 : soup and tomatoes and barbecued lean meat ( 284 - 568 gr. )

Day 7 : soup and green french beans and tomatoes with steamed brown rice

Return to your normal lifestyle


This is a perfect short-term diet for weight loss.

It satisfies some nutritional needs , offers variety , simplicity of preparation and has a specific time limit.


♦ It is more nutritious than the ordinary food eating habbits of many people

♦ It provides lots of complex carbohydrates

♦ It is low on fat


It is not a plan for long term health

It is not recommended as a long term maintenance diet

It lacks daily access to complete proteins