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Dr.Fatimeh effectively combines her knowledge of medicine as a qualified doctor with her research in alternative medicine to produce miraculous results for her obese patients , thus her remedies are Purely Herb Based , they are completely SAFE wihout any side effects.

Dr.Fatimeh is the recent proud contender of the Guinness Book of World Records for breaking the record in terms of reduction of weight , wherein she has helped reduce almost 60 kgs of one of her patients in 9 months in comparison to the existing record of a chinese doctor who helped shed 53.5 kgs of his patient in 11 months. Dr.Fatimeh stresses on a systematic , effective & SAFE way for weight loss.

The Late prime minister of India , Mrs. Indra Gandhi had predicted & said that the young Fatemeh will one day be an indispensible asset to her country. She gifted a medical seat to her during her late father's ( Dr.Abolfazael Mojtahedi ) ambassadorship. To implement this vision she is calling on everyone to participate in forming a Slim & Trim India.