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Dr.Fatimeh combines the conventional medicine in her method of treatment with Alternative medicine    ( in her Slim-O-Cap & Slim-O-Mix Herbal Medicinal Supplements ) for an effective and SAFE weight reduction programme.She has obtained the manufacturing lincense for the same , both from India & also from Iran for the treatment of Obesity.

Dr.Fatimeh uses a combination of herbal cures ( in her own formulated medicines ) with allopathy ( in her method of treatment ) for obesity. She is a contender for The Guinness Book of World Records having helped a client shed almost 60 kgs in 9 months as against a chinese doctor's current record of helping shed 53.4 kgs in 11 months.

The Late prime minister of India , Mrs. Indra Gandhi had predicted & said that the young Fatemeh will one day be an indispensible asset to her country. She gifted a medical seat to her during her late father's ( Dr.Abolfazael Mojtahedi ) ambassadorship. To implement this vision she is calling on everyone to participate in forming a Slim & Trim India.