Dr.Fatemeh Mojtahedi is the daughter of the first ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran to India. She was Gifted a medical seat by the late prime minister of India ( Indra Gandhi) who had quoted " This girl from London will one day be an asset to my Country " to her father the late Dr.Abolfazael Mojtahedi.

The Head of the Parliment of the Islamic Republic of Iran presents an award of excellence to Dr.Fatemeh Mojtahedi during his visit to Hyderabad as a momento for her work and her achievments in the field of Obesity and weight reduction.

She is approaching The Guinness Book of World records having helped a patient lose almost 60 kgs in 9.5 months as against a chinese doctor's record of helping shed 53.5 kgs in 11 months.

Dr.Fatemeh has formulated two purely herbal medicinal supplements for Obesity namely " Slim-O-Cap & Slim-O-Mix " along with nutritionally balanced diets based on allopathic method of treatment. This combination of Alternative Medicine & Allopathy ( Complementary Medicine ) has given excellent results in all her patients without side effects.