About the Doctor

About the Doctor

Dr. Fatemeh Mojtahedi hails from Iran. Her schooling was completed in London. Her father was the first ambassador of Iran to India after the Islamic revolution. She was given a medical seat as a gift by Mrs.Indra Gandhi who said “I feel Fatemeh will be an asset to my country”. She went on to complete her medical education & specialization in India. Dr. Fatemeh a medical doctor coupled both the knowledge of Allopathy in method of treatment & Ancient Alternative medicine in formulating her Herbal dietary supplements to cure the obese.

She had always been interested in finding remedies for different health disorders which would have minimal side effect on the ailing. In the backdrop Allopathy was gaining notoriety in having dangerous side effects. She had the privilege of picking up cures optimum in efficacy from various schools of medicine , put them together , refine & hone them to near perfection into precision tools to attack various ailments and all that in record time. Dr. Fatemeh’s medical services towards her obese patients since the past 15 years have been making news in almost every newspaper, national magazine and T.V. programme throughout India.

She has been referred to as the “Queen of Slimming” being Contender for the Guinness book of world records having helped a patient shed 58.5kgs in 9 months as against a Chinese doctor’s current record of helping shed 53.4kgs in 11 months. ( Nationally circulated “Outlook” magazine dt. Nov 11 , 2002 , Pg. 58 )

The local “Deccan Chronicle” paper frequently referred to her as “The most sought after doctor in Hyderabad”. Her patients call her “The Magician who does wonders” wrote “The Times of India” about her, in article dt. 20-11-2001. Many other newspapers such as “The Hindu” & “Times of India”…... wrote extensively about her work & achievements. She has not even once commercially advertised her work. Dr. Fatemeh has written numerous articles on obesity which were all published.

Licenses & Clearances

An offshoot of Dr. Fatemeh’s AVICENA CLINIC was awarded clearance from the Drug Licensing Authority Dept. AYUSH (Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, India) dt. Jan 1 , 2005 along with certificate of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) from the same Dept. to manufacture and market 2 Herbal dietary supplements for weight loss namely Slim-O-Cap & Slim-O-Mix. Both these licenses have been renewed till 2017.

These 2 Herbal Medicines were declared safe by Govt. Drug Analyst , “Drug Control Administration Govt. of India” dt: 2-1-2003 (Report No. 836/DCL/2002) Slim-O-Cap & Slim-O-Mix have passed clinical trials of about 7 thousand obese patients before being awarded the Manufacturing License.

About the Herbal Medicines

An alternative (unani) medical approach remedy for obesity based on strict scientific principals with a 3 way mechanism of action involving; Metabolism, appetite & satiety. Till date more than 40,000 obese patients have been treated successfully & safely with these 2 Herbal Supplements.

Slim-O-Cap (in the form of capsule) & Slim-O-Mix (in the form of powder); an exquisite combination of herbs, taken daily 1 hour before meals starts showing immediate & dramatic reduction effects both in weight & size from the 4th day onwards. It can be taken by all above 16 years of age (pregnant & lactating women should avoid intake).

Obesity due to any cause (e.g. Hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance…) has been treated successfully for the past 13 years with this Herbal dietary supplement without any untoward effects; along with some tips and advice on diet control.

This product is outstanding among other weight loss medicines distinguished by its rapid results inspite of being Herbal & safe with NO side effects (in a span of 13 years of administration to patients). The weekly progress of patients (Testimonials) has been recorded in Clinic registers during Weekly Checkups, signed by patients & their remarks recorded in their own handwriting.

There is an average weight loss of 4-5kgs in 1 month along with considerable inch loss (size reduction). The medicine has an added advantage of restoring your metabolism and tuning it to convert stored body fat to energy. Once the patient has reached the ideal weight and discontinues the medicine the weight loss can be permanently kept of with minimal effort.

Final words on Obesity   

Obesity being the root cause of a number of life threatening ailments (e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart diseases…) is a major Silent Killer otherwise known as the Modern Epidemic. A major cause of a shorter life span. A prevalent cause of death in many countries throughout the world. This disease & its innumerable complications are safely and rapidly reversed with the intake of these 2 herbal dietary supplements namely Slim-O-Cap & Slim-O-mix. Leading to a Healthy, Safe & permanent victory over obesity, once & for all ending the Battle of the Bulge and making the dream of a slim, trim & fit figure come true.