Patient Interviews

Mrs.Zahra Bina

Mrs.Zahra Bina

The treatment of Obesity led to the complete managment of the neurological MS disease which I was suffering from since 4 years.

Name & family Name: Fatemeh Zahra

Place of Birth:Birjand

Occupation: Employee at a Finance and Credit institute

Health Hazards of Obesity:

Diminished esteem and low self confidence

Extreme weakness in the legs

Aggravation of the neurological MS disease

Multiple small brown spots on the face and body

Fatigue, Restlessness resulting in diminished efficiency and output at work.

Q: Please tell us about obesity in yourself and your family. when have you started putting on weight ?

A: Regarding obesity in my family; there were none as problematic as mine. I am the youngest in my family and the only daughter. I got married at the age of 24yrs and I have a 6 year old daughter. Before my pregnancy I was 58 kgs; throught  the 9 month duration of pregnancy I put on 26 kgs. which made me very upset and concerned. I asked my gynecologist ***** : "It took me 9 months to put on 26 kgs how long would it take me to shed off this weight?" He replied : "9 years".

I was shocked to hear this from my gynecologist; I thought he is joking "9 years to shed off 26 kgs?" but unfortunately 6 and a half passed and I couldn't reach me pre-pregnancy weight; I was begining to realize that the gynecologist was telling me a true fact.

Q: Had the excess weight caused any health problems for you ?

A:Physically , I was facing a lot of problems. At first the excess weight was creating problems in my lower limb area; I was feeling very tired and weak; i could barely stand.

Before starting my treatment for obedity, it was around 4 years that I had the neurological disease MS. The initial treatment of MS was with steriods; the use of which in time brought about weight gain and obesity. A patient suffering from MS should never be hungry because this will effect the nervous system leading to nervousness of the patient hence aggrevating the condition.

During the day, I would get tired and lose my patience very quickly. In the night when I wanted to sleep my blood pressure would drop and i would get exacerbating headaches.I was also suffering from vitamin E deficiency.

Q: How were you introduced to Dr.Mojtahedi ?

A: I was introduced to the Doctor by my brother-in-law, Mr.Bagher Nikroo, who had undergone her treatment for obesity and i witnessed his weightloss of about 45 kgs first hand.

Q: Please tell us briefly regarding the process of your treatment and the effect it had on your health.

A: I consulted Dr.Mojtahedi on 15th May 2014 with a weight of 71.6 kgs; I was at the time 16 kgs overweight.After going through her treatment of her own formulated herbal capsule and powder for weightloss along with her special diets I lost the excess weight and reached my target weight of 54 kgs within 3 months.

Dr.Mojtahedi's herbal medicines along with her special dietary treatment had great benificial effects on my health; my blood pressure became normal, I was cured of the headaches that i constantly suffered from and the deficiency of vitamin E in my blood was compensated. When I had consulted my doctor for MS he listened to my hear beats (ausculated) and took my pulse and noticed that a major change has taken place in my body. He said: "It is great that you've lost weight which has has an added benefit of normalizing the whole system in your body." I  then told him about Dr.Mojtahedi's herbal medicines which I had taken, he confirmed her treatment medically and was fully satisfied and content with the progress of my health.

Q: Kindly shre with us how it feels to have the burden of excess weight lifted off your shoulders ?

A: I feel light, I feel I'm walking on the clouds. I have a great feeling since I've become slim. It has boosted my self confidence. The fact that people are praising my brand-new figure and commenting on how good looking I have become, makes me proud. Believe it or not I feel 10 years younger; I even had a hard time convincing some people that I'm actually married and have a 6 year old daughter.

Being Slim and Trim nd having lost so much weight has had a positive influence on my life and on the people around me; many of my friends and colleagues and also relatives even the customers from my work place who remembered me from the days I was fat, had a hard time recognizing me when I had lost all this weight; they felt good about my new look (my slender figure and improved face).

My skin has become fantastic , the Brown Spots I had on my face have Vanished. I owe all this to Dr.Mojtahedi's herbal medicines and line of treatment.

Q: Are there any moments from the time when you were obese that you would like to share with us ?

A: The worst period of my life was when I was over-weight; I felt devastated; I had incured serious health issues. I had totally lost interest in shopping since all the fashionable clothes that were my choice would either not fit me or look unsightly and terrible on me.

The sweetest moment was when i was in shape and had a great figure; when each and every piece of clothing I chose fit me perfectly and looked beautiful on me, these were moments that I relished. Now I love shopping; because I can find my size in every piece of clothing I pick.

Becoming slim and trim had an impact on my colleagues in the institute I work at, as most of them are women, who pay a lot of attention to their figures & physical personality, so much that they compete with eachother.

I always thought that a C-section belly after delivery would never go away, but I was prooved wrong, with the correct line of treatment and a healthy diet you would get back your flat tummy in no time.

I am always in-debted to Dr.Mojtahedi for making all this happen; and I am immensly happy and satisfied and grateful that i was introduced to her. It was a life changing experience. I hope to continue maintaning my present slim figure with the same inspiration and will power that was the driving force in my weight loss; ofcourse " Where there is a will , there is a way."

Q: Did your weight loss have any inspirational effect on your family memebers ?

A: It did definately. It had a positive effect on my daughter who says: " I want to be slim too, I dislike being overweight, when my friends call me fat I get upset ". She controls her consumption of sweets and pastries and whenever she wants to eat, she asks me whether that food item is allowed in her diet chart or not.

Q: Do you have any suggestions or tips for obese people ?

A: It is my sincere advise to people who have a weight problem, to first dicide to lose their excess weight and reach their ideal weight; they need not worry about it since Dr.Mojtahedi's treatment gives excellent results. Their behavioural pattern totally changes for the better, life becomes sweeter than ever as if one is reborn.