Patient Interviews

Mr.Syed Sajjad Gharooni

Mr.Syed Sajjad Gharooni

It is incredible to have lost 27 kgs in less than 4 months with only a Herbal Medicine.

Age: 24

Occupation: IT student

Initial weight: 119 kgs

Final weight: 93.4 kgs

Duration of Treatment: 4 months

Total weight Loss: 27 kgs

Q: Does obesity run in your family? At what age did your weight gain start?

A: I have a large frame from my parents side; but no one is obese in my mother or father's family members; and my obesity is not influenced by heredity. Ancestry had no role in shaping the distribution of fat in my body when I became overweight. I felt I was putting on weight from high school; and around the age of 15 excess weight became evident on me.

Q: Had obesity caused any health risks for you and did losing weight eradicate the ailment?

A: I felt I was losing my self confidence , driving had become excessively difficult for me and I had problems in finding my size in clothes while shopping.

Q:  How did you come to know of Dr.Mojtahedi? and had you tried losing weight before?

A: Initially one of my colleagues introduced me to Dr.Mojtahedi , also one of my friends who is in the medical field and has a laboratory praised her medical experties and capabilities. As I had seen one of my friends lose weight with the doctor without any side effects , I dicided to get treated by this doctor only and it turned out as a great head start.

Q: Tell us about the difficulties you had to face (if any) during the pocess of your weight loss?

A: Dr.Mojtahedi's nutritional programme was not difficult at all. I was not inconvenienced in any way whatsoever. Actually it was basically MORE rather than LESS. While on Dr.Mojtahedi's weight loss regimen I was eating much more than I usually did , when I consulted her once again after 5 days of starting her diet and herbal medicines I had lost 6 kgs of weight.

When attending luncheons or dinner parties in accordance with Dr.Mojtahedi's advise I had cut down on carbohydrates  , fat and polished rice and oil but thinking about the end result justified these limitations. As I am an IT student and on my own , fast food items comprised a major chunk of my meals everyday ; but as the doctor had prohibited it I faced some difficulty in preparing her suggested meals on her diet chart.

The exercise she had prescribed was only 30 mins of brisk walking everyday which by the way is NOT a must to do part of her weight loss programme. The pogramme is based on nutritionally balanced diets plus her own formulated herbal supplements.

Q: Can you walk us through the process of your treatment?

A: I will never forget the diet regimn of the first week ; it consisted of milk , dates and as much protein as one could eat plus I could have certain vegetables that were allowed in the diet to my fill. The doctor was particular that I should take her herbal medicines one hour before my meals. When I went for my second consultation I had lost 4 kgs.

It is interesting that I was consuming much more food than usual while dieting on the doctor's programme yet with only a herbal medicine I have lost 27 kgs and become slim and trim.

I owe this great success to Dr.Mojtahedi's very own formulated Herbal medicines.